What could I participate in?

Interview Panels

Help recruit the staff who work at Neami.

Service Planning Days

Share your experience with a team to assist them in planning for services you receive.


Get involved in research that can make a difference in the lives of people with mental illness.

Working groups

Work together with a group of staff to develop something new.

Exit interviews

Share what worked for you and what didn’t, before you leave a service.


Help design something new that can support services to do their work better.

Public speaking

Speak at a conference to share your knowledge and experiences to a broader community of service providers.

People with lived experience: influencing decision making
at Neami

Of all the types of knowledge, the kind that is born from our life experience is now recognised as one of the most useful when it comes to making real change. It’s called ‘lived experience’.

As an organisation, we only have part of the information we need to provide good services and influence the mental health system for the better. That’s why we invite you to get involved in a range of activities where you can share your perspective or collaborate in making decisions that affect your life.

We also think working together will make the world a better, fairer and kinder place.

What you can expect:

  • A safe, respectful environment where you are treated as an equal
  • Information to make informed contribution
  • Reimbursements for time, travel costs
  • To gain new experiences and skills
  • To be updated on how your contribution has made a difference

What do other people say about their experiences of
getting involved?

“I found out a lot about myself and improved my outlook. I am more positive and confident. It has inspired me to become a peer support worker.”
“Having such an insight into the inner workings of Neami is fascinating. I love being involved and find it very exciting”
“Everyone was really supportive, we all seemed to work well together, I learned new skills… We were listened to, they made us feel important and didn’t brush us off.”
“Being actively listened to and having my thoughts and opinions validated during the co-design process had a profound impact on my social-confidence, my self-esteem and to the value I place on using my voice and speaking my mind.”
“They showed me there are possibilities for me out there, that I’m not worthless, I’m not useless.”

We know everyone is different

There are different opportunities that address the diverse needs of people using Neami services.

You can get involved in the activities that suit your preferences, skills and interests.

Get Involved