Gaining new knowledge and skills as a consumer or carer participant can bring many benefits including:

We have included links to reputable organisations who currently offer training to consumer and carer participants.

There is a range of on-line and in-person courses which change regularly, so you’ll need to checkout the specific websites for further information.

Some may require you to live in a certain state, become a member or register with the organisation to attend.

We don’t officially endorse any of the courses listed, but we would love to hear your feedback if you chose to attend. You can contact us by email.

State Based Consumer Peak Bodies

These organisations are run by consumers for consumers. In general, peak bodies represent the interests of consumers through research, raising awareness, systemic advocacy, offering consultation and education within the mental health sector.

They provide information for consumers to learn and connect, and often have their own registers for consumer representative opportunities.

VMIAC – (Victoria)
You must live in Victoria and be a member to access VMIAC training

Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network – (SouthAustralia)
The online content is accessible to everyone, though you need to create an account to access the courses.

BEING – Mental Health Consumers (New South Wales)

Online and in person training available to everyone.

CoMHWA- (Western Australia)
Both online and in person courses available to WA residents only

State based Family & Carer Peak Bodies

These organisations are run by carers for carers. In general, peak bodies represent the interests of cares through providing direct support and education to carers, raising awareness, systemic advocacy, and offering consultation and education within the mental health sector.

Tandem Carers

Nationwide Organisations

Lived Experience Australia

Online course available to everyone though a one off registration with the organisation is required

Finding North Network

Online and in person training and events on various lived experience topics offered by lots of organisations in different parts of the country.

Suicide Prevention

Roses in the Ocean – Our Voice in Action

Training for people with lived experience of suicide wanting to sit on committees and advisory groups

Peer Work Training

There are different ways to use your lived experience depending on your strengths, skills, and passion. Participation activities are great opportunities if you want to be part of service improvement and system change, or you might be more interested in providing support to other consumers and carers by becoming a peer support worker. If so, check out the following links:


Mental Health Coordinating Council (NSW)


Mind Peer Work Program (Victoria)


Mental Health Coalition South Australia - Lived Experience Workforce Program


SHARC Peer Worker and Peer Facilitator Training (Victoria)

Tafe Queensland

We know everyone is different

There are different opportunities that address the diverse needs of people using Neami services.

You can get involved in the activities that suit your preferences, skills and interests.

Get Involved