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Creating consumer and carer friendly information about Neami participation payments

Over two online workshops you will work with us to explore what information consumers and carers need to know about Neami’s participation payment system, determine the most suitable language to use , identify how, when and where the information should be shared with consumers and carers.
Online Zoom Meeting
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What participants say

“ Being actively listened to and having my thoughts and opinions validated during the co-design process had a profound impact on my social confidence, my self-esteem and the value I place on using my voice and speaking my mind.”
“ I found out a lot about myself and improved my outlook. I am more positive and confident. It has inspired me to become a peer support worker.”
“ Having such an insight into the inner workings of Neami is fascinating. I love being involved and find it very exciting.”

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We invite you to get involved in a range of activities where you can share your perspective or collaborate in making decisions that affect your life.

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