Time and location

November 23, 2021 9:00 AM
In Person
Joondalup, WA
3hrs per quarter

Opportunity details


Neami National is a  community mental health service supporting people living with mental illness  to improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their  individual strengths, values, and goals.

 Within Western Australia Neami provides both  Clinical and Community Services across the Perth, Peel and Great Southern  Regions, Midwest and Goldfields including Step up-Step down sub-acute  services, Suicide Prevention Coordinators, Adult Community Mental Health and  Individualised Community Living Strategy.

Who we are looking  for?

A Family  and Friends Representative to –

·       Support the Committee’s objective of ensuring  best practice models of service delivery and a focus on innovative, safe, and  quality service

·       Be willing and able to review recommendations  related to incidents and to support a culture of learning to ensure these are  embedded and transferable in practice

·       Have an ability to understand and focus on the  perspective of others with an experience of mental health services as a carer  or consumer

What else applicants need to know?

The  duration of the opportunity is 3 Hours per quarter. The Consumers Participant will be  remunerated for their participation time at $40 per hour, in accordance with  Neami National’s consumer/carer payment policy. This will include 2hr  attendance and 1hr of reading/preparation between quarterly meetings.


How to apply

Please complete a short summary on the following:

·       What  interests you in this position?  

·       What  can you bring to the team as the Family and Friends Participant?

·       Any  previous experience on committees or panels?


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Dean Ward- Peer Support Worker

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